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Back to Back

Back to back neon on the blog. I guess I'm going back to my roots and those roots are pink!

It's been so long that I have been real on this blog and for anyone that may read this I wanted to say that the below smile is the first genuine smile I've had in months. Spiritually and on a personal level I have been going through a lot from losing a best friend (thank goodness not physically) to losing my zeal for God. I have been on this up and down roller-coaster that has quite honestly made me mentally ill. I have been trying to stay strong for my family and for myself but when you feel alone in the world the weight can sometimes become crippling.

I had a breakthrough and revelation at church yesterday and it takes all of me to continue to write this blog post and not go into full praise and worship again because my God is so great! He shook things up himself because no matter how many signs he gave me I wasn't obedient and I did what I wanted to do and that would have been my first mistake down to a no good place.

I thank God for his mercy and for me being able to repent and move on from the things and people that have held me back. There is s much more God wants me to do and he wants to see me winning to show people how great the God I serve is. 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Jacket; Torrid // Top; Forever 21+ // Skirt; Forever 21+ // Shoes; Forever 21

Stripe Dress

Neon Beanie