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I've been gone for almost a month and I missed you all so much it hurt.

I was away for two weeks in Greece (catch the amazing adventure on my IG @ClothesMindedbyJo) and not only were the two weeks I was away made it impossible for me to blog but then the weeks before and after my trip were insane since I was playing catch up at work. I am still incredibly busy at work but things are smoothing out thus I get to blog again!

Now on to the fashion, as you all know I shop EVERYWHERE from straight size stores to plus size stores alike but I never gave Fashion to Figure much of a chance, not intentionally but it never came to mind. Well, last week i actually had some time to breathe and they came up on my instagram feed and I noticed a dress I fell in love with and immediately went to their site to purchase it and I was happy to have found the dress I was looking for plus another 6 dresses and a top (yikes, I know #shopaholic). I must say shipping was super fast and the quality of the clothing is great for the price. The dress I am wearing in this post I am absolutely in love with, from the fit to the print and the silhouette. I wish they made this dress in all different prints and colors because it's that good.

Thanks so much for reading!

Dress; Fashion to Figure // Shoes; Lanvin // Earrings; J Crew


Flatform Sandals