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For Mama

I know it's not yet Mother's Day but I wanted to dedicate this post to my mom as it is her birthday month and Mother's Day all in one.

The reason why this particular post is dedicated to my mom is because the infamous bush that has made many appearances on the blog is actually my mom's favorite bush on our property as it always turns this beautiful orange color right around her birthday. We have been in our house for a little over 17 years and every year she waits for this tree to flourish and turn from an ugly duckling to a swan and I know from now until forever this bush will always hold a special place in my heart because of my mother. And now I'm sounding morbid because my mom is still with me today (Thank you God!). I am so grateful for my mom, she is seriously one of a kind and loves so hard, and like any mom she has always given me great advice and little nuggets of wisdom so here are just a few of my mom's favorite sayings to me:

"If you don't do it with love don't do it at all."

"Always keep your word."

"You're not better than anyone but no one's better than you."

"You're not sugar, not everyone's going to like you."

"Stop spending money on clothes!"

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Sweater; J Crew // Skirt; Boohoo // Shoes; Charlotte Russe // Earrings; J Crew

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