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THE Earring

I remember browsing around J Crew and finding these earrings and not being able to purchase because they didn't have a sku attached to them. I had to have them and apparently they couldn't be sold without it's appropriate sku so I had the sales associates in the store scrambling to find the sku (I was totally nice and grateful) to sell me these earrings and almost one hour later the sku was found and I was able to walk out with these babies.

Although they are not practical because of their weight and obvious ostentatious-ness I needed them to be part of my J Crew jewelry collection, they are a work of art on an earring.

Thanks so much for reading!

Top; ASOS // Pants; Forever 21 // Shoes; Loeffler Randall // Earrings; J Crew 


Floral Kimono