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Here I am with another hat because quite frankly I've been having a horrible hair month and hats just makE coping so much easier. 

I purchased these patchwork jeans at The Curvy Con event last month for Full Figured Fashion Week and I am OBSESSED. They have the perfect amount of stretch (I always look for at least 3% spandex/stretch) and the patches and frayed bottom make them unique enough from the other 77 pairs of jeans i have hanging in my closet.

Starting today I will be in FULL wedding mode as I am a bridesmaid in my dear friends wedding this Friday!!! Time has honestly flown by and I can't wait to see the blushing bride in her dress and dance the night away. I am also quite excited about the bridesmaids dress, believe me this isn't your typical bridesmaids dress....stay tuned, y'all.

Thanks so much for reading!

Hat; Forever 21 // Tee; Target // Vest: Forever 21 // Jeans; Fashion to Figure // Pumps; BCBG


White Bell Sleeve Dress