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Pink & White Stripe

Happy Monday, Y'all!

So a little secret...as I was getting dressed to shoot this outfit I put on this top which was a size XL and realized quickly just how big it fit and got both excited and annoyed because hello smaller size but then I really wanted to wear this outfit out and about and the bunching was just too much. Needless to say I thankfully kept the tag on this shirt and was able to exchange it for a smaller size, size medium to be exact!

I have noticed now that I am not so avidly pursuing weight loss it has been happening so much more quickly for me as I am just having fun with my workouts and making better food choices. 

Moral of the story is not to boast about losing weight because you all know I don't ever want to preach about such a personal journey on here but I am asking for all of you to cut yourselves some slack! If you're prerogative IS to lose weight then just take it day by day and have fun with it and don't beat yourself up even if you happen to slip up and enjoy an ice cream cone. Love yourselves no matter what!

Thanks so much for reading! 

Hat; Forever 21 // Top; J Crew // Skirt; Boohoo // Shoes; Just Fab

Army Green Lace

Minimalistic Crop