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Skirt Jumper

I have been on a quest to  get my skin back to it's once youthful and blemish-free appearance for a few weeks now and in that quest I have pledged to wear no makeup (minus spf and moisturizer) for at least 5 days out of the week. Saturday was the first time I had actually worn makeup in the entire week and I was so uber excited to finally be putting on makeup and dressing up (because they do go hand in hand)! Being a girly girl and a makeup lover, not wearing makeup is a HUGE sacrifice for me but I really see it paying off.

I am also exploring eliminating dairy and sugar from my diet as I also believe that is causing more frequent break-outs for me. One would think I would have these skin troubles as a teen but never was I plagued with teen acne or breakouts. Oh adult skin how I don't like thee!

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Crop Top; Forever 21 // Skirt Jumper; Forever 21+ // Shoes; H&M // Hat; Zara

Donut Care

Suede Culottes