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It's OK Not To Be OK

Happy Monday!

This past weekend has been the best I have felt in quite some time and I kind of feel like I am getting ME back again, I say this because I want all of my readers to know, "It is ok not to be ok."

We are human and are doing the best we possibly can so let's not be too hard on ourselves and stop comparing our lives to these celebrities we see in magazines or to some random person's "perfect" Instagram feed. Remember all those things are facades and people only let you see what they want you to see. Sometimes being real is too real for people, so we shy away from saying we aren't ok as the world has us conditioned to think of that much honesty as weak when in reality it is the strongest trait in someone.

How many of y'all respond "fine" when someone asks you how you're doing and in reality we are dying inside not letting anyone in.

Well, I am here to say to you that some people actually do care to know how you REALLY are feeling and we all should embrace that HUMAN part in us enough to admit we aren't ok at the moment.

Believe me I know it's easier said than done, especially for a Type A personality like myself, where I like to control every aspect of my life down to how people perceive me. I could have been up all night crying and will wake up the next morning as happy as ever and give off this impression that my life is perfect when my pillow is still soaking wet from the night before. A quality like that can seem admirable to some but can also be a slow death for the people living it. 

I want to empower all my readers today to be ok with not being ok and to take the necessary steps to help yourselves, if it's confiding in a friend or a professional please take those steps to make yourself better because you are worth it and things will get better!

On a much lighter note let's talk about my fabulous Forever 21 Romper I scored for under $25. The open back detail is what absolutely sold me and of course I only captured a super awkward image of the back for y'all but you get the point.

Thanks so much for reading! 

Romper; Forever 21+ // Shoes; BCBG // Necklace J Crew 

Shades of Blue

Grey Fringe Top