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So I want to let all my readers in on an awesome secret called Gwynnie Bee which is a subscription based clothing rental service for women sizes 10-32. 

You can enjoy unlimited monthly free shipping and exchanges for a flat monthly fee and wear the garments for an entire month which saves you from ever wearing anything twice without the price-y price tag!

This service is pretty much a fashion bloggers (or any fashionista) dream as it can get quite expensive to constantly buy new clothes to keep the blog exciting and relevant. These beautiful lace/eyelet shorts I am wearing are from ModaMix which is a premium brand Gwynnie Bee carries. I strongly recommend all of you to try out the site now and enjoy a 30 day free trial! Sign up here

Thanks so much for reading!

Vest; Target // Top; BP via Nordstrom // Shorts; Gwynnie Bee // Shoes; H&M // Necklace; J Crew

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