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Jenn's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the pleasure to celebrate my very close friends Bridal Shower, it was months of preparations and discussions but it honestly couldn't have been any more beautiful and the best part is that Jenn, the bride to be, was extremely shocked and overwhelmed with the outpouring of love demonstrated in each detail that was executed. From the custom made signage to the pink flamingo straws to the carefully crafted center-pieces. Everyone was wow'ed at the bridesmaids work and we were so so proud of our collaboration.

Honestly, I feel so lucky to be part of such an amazing person's special day as she's the type of friend that would notice one of your Facebook statuses seems a little more down off and call to ensure you're alright. She will put everyone before herself and that kind of care and selflessness is so rare to find nowadays. I know Jenn is a friend I'll have for the rest of my life and I am so happy to have been able to celebrate HER this weekend...now the wedding countdown truly begins!

I just wanted to share some pictures of the decor and ambiance and also of what I wore...DUHHH.

Thanks so much for reading!

Dress; H&M // Shoes; Jessica Buurman // Earrings; Forever 21

Shorts, Take 2

Linen Dress