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Take me back to Paris.

I share this story with all of my family and friends and as you all are my friends I will share this very special story about Paris with you too...

I was given the opportunity to go to Paris my senior year of college 3 years ago and the first night (yes, I went multiple times) I went to the top of the eiffel tower I stood alone and fully took in the most beautiful night view of the most romantic/magical city in the world and I just stood there reveling in my reality that I was in Paris, living a life long dream and I appreciated everything at that very moment. I still remember the smell, the chilly winter air, the sounds, I can close my eyes right now and see Paris again.

It was the quintessential "stop and smell the roses" moment and that night will forever be embedded in my mind. I am so glad I stopped and took that moment in because now I will always have that memory in my heart and Paris will always hold a dear memory in my life.

So with that I hope you all stop what you're doing right now and appreciate your life for what it is at this very instant. Don't think about life's stresses, an ex-boyfriend, money issues, etc. Stop and smell the roses and embed this moment of gratitude and appreciation in your memory for times to come.

Thanks so much for reading!

Dress; H&M (old) // Shoes; Simply Be