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Long Collar Shirt Dress

So as I was editing these pictures (and when I say editing all I mean is brightening/contrast) I noticed all the cellulite on my legs and my sister asks me "Are you going to photoshop that out?" And I know she meant it in the most loving way possible but I immediately responded "HECK NO!'' I would never ever false advertise myself as I am here to empower ALL women to feel comfortable with themselves be it cellulite, stretch marks, scars, weight etc. 

I have cellulite and of course if i had a magic wand to make them disappear I would but I am also here to say that I'm alright with the fact that I do have cellulite but I still love myself the same. I am beautiful because of the qualities that make me ME and confidence is something that I've struggled with it my entire life but the more I expose here the better I start to feel. 

On to my outfit I can't front as this outfit was 100% inspired by a fellow fashion Blogger Kyrzayda from Kyrzayda.com her looks are fab and she's just so effortless! She pulled off a style like this last summer and I've been dying to replicate since I saw it and when I found this long flannel shirt dress at Forever 21 I knew I could finally do the fit done thick outfit replica and I'm quite pleased at the turn out, thoughts?

Thanks so much for reading!

Shirt Dress; Forever 21+ // Shorts; Forever 21+ // Pumps; BCBG // Belt; Moschino via              Net-a-Porter // Sunglasses; Forever 21


Summer Black