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I will always vote for love. No matter how unlucky I have been in love I have strong faith that one day I will find that fairy tale kind of love and I’m not referring to the Disney fairy tale love but my very own fairytale which can be so different than someone else’s fairy tale love. My fairy tale love consists of finding a true partner, a best friend and someone that wants to grow with me and do anything to make me happy as I would do anything to make them happy as well.

Often times people perceive me to be materialistic because I love to shop and just like things but those “things” are just that…things. My clothes or shoes or anything material doesn’t define me. The kind of love I look for isn’t about being spoiled with material things but being spoiled with time and affection.

You’ve had a hard day at work? Let me make it better for you I want to be someone’s “person” that they want to see after a rough day and just relax and spend time together. I’ve never had the opportunity to truly show how much I have to give because I’m all about the little things, cooking dinner, baking your favorite dessert, surprising you and your friends with take-out when there’s a big game on.

So, yes I vote for love and I always will!

Thanks so much for reading!

Blazer; Old Navy // Tee; J Crew // Jeans; Jordache (amazzinngg) // Shoes; JustFab // Necklace; J Crew

Pastel Colors

Classic Leopard