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The silver lining on this cold winter's day was that as soon as it started snowing my best friend and I were almost done shooting pictures. The pretty snow flakes also make for a great picture except when they look like dandruff scattered all over your head!

I try to be a glass half-full kind of person but sometimes the devil seems to be working over-time trying to bring a G down. Lately, I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water with changes at work, I have been given an entirely new role and while exciting, learning something new can be stressful and I have been putting in a lot of hours. A lot of hours seems like it's going to be the norm with my new position but I've never feared work so bring it.

My personal life is what's taking a toll on me. I am turning 27 next month and that number has me all sorts of messed up. In my mind at 27 I should have a few "accomplishments" under my belt the biggest being, being in a successful relationship that is closer to marriage than not and if I'm being perfectly honest I'm not even close to being in a relationship because quite frankly men play too many games!

Games that just seem foolish and unnecessary and make me crazy and filled with rage. My biggest thing in a relationship is honesty and if the person I am seeing can't at minimum give me that, then I can't respect them and I can't be with someone I don't respect which leads me to the single status that I'm in. 

For too long I depended on a man to make me feel happy and validated and slowly I am coaching myself to be happy because Joann is happy not because an interest text me "Good Morning" or because they seem to be interested in me that day. I've always accepted the love I thought I deserved and judging on my past relationships I haven't deemed myself very worthy at all because I have dealt with men that have taken me for granted and haven't given me what I want and deserve. I took any attention they gave me because I thought that's the best I can get....well the silver lining here is that I am so FED UP with these "men" and I am standing up for myself!

 Please don't mistake that statement as me bucketing ALL men as being the same but unfortunately every single man I have been involved with have been the exact same, partly my fault  because I continue to fall for the same type but mostly the man's fault because they've been making the actions and well being little boys.

So here's to me and to finding a real stand-up guy soon!

Thanks so much for reading!

Jacket; Forever 21+ // Collar Shirt; JCP // Pants; J Crew // Pumps; DV by Dolce Vita // Earrings; BaubleBar

Black & Blue Lace Dress