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So I have this fabulous friend (Hi, Laura!) that has this fabulous job at this little company you may have heard of called Net-a-Porter (insert sarcasm), well this same fab friend was gracious enough to invite me to the very exclusive Net-a-Porter sample sale yesterday and I scored this AHHH-MAZING Emilio Pucci belt that retails for $1,600 for a mere $150!

Yes, I totally understand that under normal circumstances $150 for a belt is quite the penny but this is Emilio Pucci we're talking about, and the belt really talked to me when I saw it and as you can see I immediately ran home to style it because quite frankly I am so in love with the details and look of it.

What do y'all think? Do you resist when special pieces call to you or do you take the plunge?

Thanks so much for reading!

Jacket; Forever 21+ // Top; BP via Nordstrom // Skirt; Express // Pumps; Forever 21 // Belt; Emilio Pucci // Earrings; Vintage (Thanks, mom!)


Light Pink Moto Booties