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In the past 2 years, part of my self-growth has been writing my deepest and darkest feelings here and sharing them with you all and with the world. 

Well, yesterday was my first time going to church in over 4 years and while I grew up attending Catholic school and going to church every single Sunday I had lost faith. I grew to resent the church when I saw how hypocritical some of the members truly were. I took it personally when they wouldn't accept certain people like homosexuals because in my truest of hearts I don't believe homosexuality is a choice. I believe people are born that way but I digress as my point is not homosexuality but spirituality. 

I found myself being more and more cynical and I didn't recognize myself after a while. I have always been a person that led with blind faith first and lately that hasn't been the case. I want the God-fearing Joann back and truly believe God has been calling me back to him and I believe I have taken a great step in the right direction. 

There were moments throughout the service yesterday that I was on the verge of tears because I felt some part of what I've been missing was being fulfilled. I don't want to preach on here at all but I must share how different I already feel because I want to do better and be a better person for myself, my family, my friends and the world as a whole. 

So why is this blog post titled "The Wind & The Sun" you ask? Well because in the service yesterday Pastor Cash said not to ask God for the things you want but ask him to show you what's right asking for a sign is a better than asking him to just give you what you want, so as I was taking these pictures I asked "am I doing the right thing in attending church again?" Cue the insane wind and the sun shining so brightly right on me! Sign taken.

Thanks so much for reading!

Top; H&M // Skirt; Zara // Shoes; Zara 

Contrast Stripe

King Kong