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Stripes on Stripes

I know I say this ALL the time on the blog but I've literally been dying over this blazer since I saw Gabi from Gabi Fresh rock it on her blog. At the time I was on a no shop kick and didn't love the price on it so I patiently waited and diligently checked Simplybe.com and finally on Black Friday scored this beauty for 60% off! Great example when patience has paid off for me because I have VERY little of it, especially when it comes to purchases, I feel if I don't buy something then and there I'll never find it again or I'll DIE without it, very severe consequences, you see? 

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Cape Blazer; Simply Be // Top; JcPenney // Skirt; H&M // Shoes; Zara // Clutch; Jessica Simpson

Windowpane Culottes