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Hall of Chandeliers

Happy Monday!

Today, I start a brand new adventure with my new job in New York City, I have dreamt of working in the city since the moment I graduated college. I went to school in the city and the commute from New Jersey to New York was troubling at times, but with many things in life I mostly remember the good like the energy of the city and I have missed it oh so much. After 4 years, I'm finally back home! 

Another bit of exciting news is this super unique piece of art work I am wearing on my t-shirt, a super talented old high school friend sells her designs on Society 6 and she has several prints up for sale but when I saw this water color chandelier portrait I fell in love! Inspired by the Hall of Chandeliers in the Palace of Versailles this is a quirky yet elegant take on the breath-taking room and when I saw the designs can be printed pretty much on anything including t-shirts, I immediately ordered this and was so happy with the quality of the depiction on the shirt and also of the actual t-shirt!

Patrice, you are beyond talented and am so excited to see where your career goes from here!

Check out her shop here

Thanks so much for reading! 

Jacket; Forever 21+ // Tee; Society6 // Skirt; Forever 21+ // Pumps; Urban Outfitters // Earrings; Zara


Navy Dress