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Mary Poppins DIY Costume

I normally don't post on thursdays and I also never DIY my own costumes because there's just something about a perfectly curated costume with pieces that come all together in a bag that makes me happy, but this year I decided to go the DIY route and saved more than half the money I normally spend on a costume. I usually dish out anywhere from $75-100 on a costume every year and this year, I spent just under $30 and was thrilled with the results.

Read below for a breakdown of what you would need to re-create my look:

- White collar shirt (own)

- Black midi skirt (own)

- Black stockings (own)

- Black booties (own)

- White gloves (owned from a pervious costume)

- Black Umbrella (own)

I purchased:

1 black felt bowler hat from Party City @ $6.99

1 red bow tie from Party City @ $3.99

Assorted flowers from Michael's @ approx. $5 

1 Red satin 3 in. ribbon from Michael's @ $3.99

1 Thrifted Suitcase @ $5.99 

Grand Total: $25.96

All I had to do to assemble the costume was use a hot glue gun to glue flowers onto the plain black felt hat and voila you have Mary Poppins!

I hope this helped and thanks so much for reading!

Denim Button Front Skirt

Red Orange Suit