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It's been a while since I poured my heart and soul on here and I just feel it's about time I am honest with you all and also myself. When I go through personal things in my life I tend to internalize the problems and that never does me any good. 

I hate to sound cliche but the new year hit me hard this year. I spent it with my parents in the usual spot on their bed with our 12 grapes (hispanic superstition) in tow and I was just smacked with the truth, I have been doing this exact same thing for the past 5 years of my adulthood with nothing to show for it. I am not in a relationship, don't have any children, don't own anything of true value besides Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin and I almost wanted to break down in tears.

I have always been an over-achiever and the most successful person in a crowd, back when I was 21, now at 26 I see my entire life passing me by and everyone else around me moving forward. In no way am I calling myself loser or a slacker, I graduated college top of my class, have had many successes at work but there's still something missing. 

Deep down in the root of my soul I hear it crying out saying I need to do something drastically different in my life. I NEED to get out of my comfort zone of having my parents bail me out of any mess, I mean I'm 26 for crying out loud!

So yesterday afternoon I took the plunge and decided to apply for a flight attendant position based out of Atlanta, Georgia. If I do get the job I would have to move to Atlanta for 2 months and train there. Normally, something like that would give me the hugest form of anxiety ever but the thought alone gets me so tingly and excited. I need this change more than I need air because I barely recognize myself lately.

I find myself constantly down and melancholy, which is definitely not who Joann is. I am a vivacious spit-fire who embraces the world and loves life. If this is meant to be I leave it to God to afford me this opportunity, if not, I am looking to get myself out of my comfort zone as soon as possible and get back to the me I recognize.

Thanks so much for reading!

Blazer; H&M // Top; BP via Nordstrom // Pants; Kardashian Kollectiom via Sears // Shoes; Zara // Necklace; H&M // Clutch; Jessica Simpson

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