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White After Labor Day

OMG, I'm wearing white after Labor Day <insert gasp>!

I mean who really goes by that rule anymore?

As so many people ask me if I buy then return or if I ever repeat clothes, this is testament that I do not buy and return I just have a chronic shopping problem and honestly don't get around to re-wearing my clothes often so here it is, this top was seen here once and the skirt here and here.

Disclaimer: Please don't take after me! I don't condone excessive shopping and seriously think I need to control myself more often but right now as long as my bills are paid and I'm not spending money I owe or don't have I'm just having fun and being selfish!

Thanks so much for reading!

Top; H&M // Skirt; Boohoo // Shoes; ASOS // Headband; Forever 21


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