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Pre-Fall: All Black

The thing I love most about fashion is that you can be a different person everyday!

Just the other day I couldn't have looked more girly in an all pink ensemble and cat-eye glasses and today I kinda look like the cool punk kid in school. I hate "labeling" my style as I don't relate to one style more than the other, the only thing my outfits usually have in common is that they're polished so if I HAD to describe my style it would be...Polished Eclectic (Thanks, Christa!).

 I see myself wearing a lot of black this fall season (along with pink), I've always preferred color over black but this fall season my look is sleek and mysterious. I also strongly believe it's an age thing, I feel like I should be incorporating more black into my wardrobe because it's timeless.

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Hat; Forever 21 // Tee; StyleMint // Lace Bomber; Fashion To Figure // Skirt; Forever 21 // Shoes; Forever 21

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