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Just Like Riding a Bike

Sad truth, I don't know how to ride a bike! Let me re-phrase that I was never allowed to learn how to ride a bike. No need to say "awww" I was never deprived of a bike, I had an awesome pink bike growing up I was just never allowed to ride it without training wheels.

There's this really funny story in my family that goes back about 25 years when my older sister was learning to ride a bike for the first time without training wheels and she fell, as many kids do when they are learning to ride a bike and my dad just went crazy! He couldn't stand the sight of his little girl hurt so he basically destroyed the bike against the pavement, when I say destroyed he DESTROYED it, beyond recognition, my poor sister just had some pieces of metal after he was done.

That being said, my dad never even bothered showing me how to ride without training wheels because it was just something that wasn't going to happen for me. But when my mom recently purchased this mint green bike I was inspired to teach myself and let me tell you this is one of the hardest feats I've ever encountered. How do people make it look so easy?

I will update you all on the progress of this task throughout the summer, wish me luck! And hope for my dad never to catch me.

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Top; J Crew // Shorts; KMart // Shoes; Chanel // Hat; Forever 21


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