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Happy Monday, beautiful people!

There's something about a sunday well-spent that reinvigorates me for the entire week.

I spent my day yesterday with my best friend taking pictures, watching Maleficent (which I didn't LOVE) and eating Rita's. 

So yesterday, I also announced my NO SHOP JUNE CHALLENGE on instagram, in which I won't be buying anything that adorns my body whatsoever. I was inspired because on saturday I attempted to find a particular pair of jeans and it took me over 20 minutes to find, which was actually good-timing with all of the closets and rolling racks I have. Thus, I said to myself "no more shopping!"

Quite frankly, I am kind of scared because shopping is something I do on the daily it's second nature to me like breathing or eating so going an entire month without shopping might bring up a whole other side of me, so stay tuned and wish me much luck!

Already, a handful of people have joined me in my challenge, which is great because it keeps me that much more accountable!

What do you say? Are you up for a challenge?

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a great rest of week!

Thanks so much for reading!

Top & Skirt; Target // Jean Jacket; Gap // Sneakers; Converse 

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