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Challenge Accepted

Lately, I have been challenging myself to repeat articles of clothing in my closet because usually I buy something, wear it once and it's never seen again.

In my past, high school days to be exact, I would use the "tape method" to help remind me how often I'd worn something. The tape method consisted of placing a piece of tape on the hanger representing the amount of times I wore any particular article of clothing.

Needless to say every hanger in my closet had a total of ONE piece of tape!

This challenge will help my bank account and my creativity by forcing myself to mix and match outfits from my existing wardrobe.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't mistake this challenge as me giving up shopping because I just can't see that happening...EVER! 

Thanks for reading!

Top; Old Navy // Bottoms; Forever 21 // Shoes; Forever 21 // Necklace; Forever 21 (old) // Clutch; Coach

Floral Bralette

Palm Trees