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Tux & Bad Hair

So I was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily last week and I was beyond ecstatic to have that honor but in reading the comments left by readers I quickly came to the consensus that people HATED my hair, there were barely any complaints on my actual outfits but, boy was my poor hair getting bashed!

I didn't take it personally, I actually took it as constructive criticism, but I must explain some things.

1. I am 100% Puerto Rican (many comments stated that I was of African-American descent): I speak spanish, I eat rice & beans and dance salsa (such stereotypes, I know)

2. I have EXTREMELY "nappy" hair for my background and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it

My hair has been a challenge for my poor mother and I since I was a baby. I have thin, unruly, incredibly curly hair and I've been getting relaxers done since I was old enough to spell R-E-L-A-X-E-R.

In the comments, tons of people suggested weaves, a bob and even bangs (which I have been strongly considering for a while) but I just can't do anything to my hair that feels unauthentic. I have bad hair and I own it, it's always styled neatly and tamed so I do tend to it. 

So why am I addressing my hair in such a manner today? Because the day I took these pictures it was about 80 degrees out and humid and I literally felt my hair growing by the minute, you can so tell what a bad hair day I was having by the pictures, luckily my blog is called CLOTHES Minded by Jo and not HAIR Minded by Jo so hoping you all can look past my "bad" hair!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. My dad happened to walk by while my mom was taking these pictures and I think I gave him half a heart attack with all the skin showing, totally awkward! Sorry Daddy.

Blazer; Target // Crop Top; H&M // Pants; ASOS // Shoes; Zara // Earrings; H&M


Stressed, But Well Dressed