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DIY: Glitter Sneakers

So I have gotten quite a few requests to post a tutorial on how I made my glitter sneakers featured on my instagram so I have decided to create a YouTube channel to start posting more DIY videos and other fashion related things, so please support my channel and follow me at Clothes Minded by Jo.

Please excuse my voice as it's quite squeaky and no one ever likes hearing or seeing themselves talk.

You can watch the video tutorial of these sneakers here or follow the steps below!

Materials Needed:

1 pair of white canvas sneakers 

Mod Podge

Fine glitter 

Paint brush 

Masking Tape

Colored laces

Step 1- use masking tape to tape off the entire shoe sole 

Step 2- remove laces

Step 3- make your glitter mixture which will consist of 2 parts glitter (I used a fine glitter not the coarser kind) to  1 part Mod Podge, mix until glitter is thoroughly mixed into glue

Step 4- apply a thin layer of your glitter glue mixture and let air dry before you add your next layer of glue. REPEAT 2-5x to achieve desired glitter look. I repeated 5x to achieve the look I wanted.

Step 5- let completely air dry (about 2-3 hours or overnight)

Step 6- before taking masking tape off assure you have no "bald" spots if so, apply glue directly on spot and shake glitter on top then seal with more glue (Let air dry after this step)

Step 7- remove masking tape and re-lace laces onto shoe, I bought a bright pink pair to give shoe a pop of color

You are now complete!

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