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DIY: T-shirt

You'll need: cotton t-shirt of your choice, iron on letters, iron. I purchased all items at Michael's Craft Store for under $10. 


1. Lay t-shirt on a flat surface (I laid mine on the floor on top of a folded towel).

2. Cut out letters (Tip: Try to cut letters as close to the edge as possible this will help you in getting the spacing you want and also to assure all letters are aligned).

3. Lay letters flat on t-shirt (be extra careful in placing letters, make sure they are EXACTLY as you want them to be transferred on t-shirt).

4. Use an old cotton t-shirt (which is what I did) or cloth and lay on top of letters.

5. Set your iron to wool setting and start firmly pressing hot iron down on letters (this step takes a lot of patience as it'll take a while for letters to transfer on t-shirt).

6. Don't give up! Your letters will still not be transferred, I'm warning you it takes a while! Make sure you give each and every letter at least 60 seconds of heat time.  

7. Once letters transfer over, turn shirt inside out and iron again for about 30 seconds. 

8. Let cool for about a minute.

9. Carefully remove plastic backing from letters (if you see letters still aren't transferred, place back down and continue to iron).

10. You'll have the best pop culture saying t-shirt for under $10!  (I'm also making a "FLAWLESS" t-shirt) 

Finished Product! 


Thanks for reading! 

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