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Audrey Hepburn

"I believe that tomorrow is another day..."- Audrey Hepburn

I also believe in the power of a great outfit (all subjective, of course) because I felt like a million bucks in this outfit! I felt extra confident and ready to take on the world, which is why I get so sad when I see women in sweats and crocs! Once a woman is alright with wearing sweatpants out in public it's a sign of giving up on oneself and nobody should ever get to that point. 

Moral of the story: Get up, dress up and never give up!  

Thanks for reading!  

P.S. The skirt I'm wearing is from Asos's straight line in a size 10! I had originally ordered it in a size 14 and it literally fell off of me, yet another reason why you should always be open to shopping EVERYWHERE, because my booty is NOT a size 10 on a regular basis.  

Jacket; Forever 21 // Tee; Forever 21 // Skirts; ASOS // Shoes; Dollhouse // Necklace; J Crew 

Trend: Slip-on Sneakers

DIY: T-shirt