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Side-Slit Maxi Skirt

Happy Monday!

slit skirt 1.jpg

As you can tell by the snow laying on the ground I am back from vacation and back to sweaters and layering but I'm still reminiscing warmer days which made me pull out this side-slit maxi skirt. I didn't want to be completely frozen so I layered a thick pair of leg-warmers with boots to "winterize" the skirt.

If you didn't know H&M has been doing it's thing lately! There was a long period of time that I didn't really love the brand but lately, I have fallen in love with everything, so much so that my entire outfit is from H&M (all recent). 

Being the inquisitive me that I am, I will be reading up on any major changes that have happened within the organization, maybe they have gotten a new creative director? Not sure, but I will keep you all posted on my findings.

slit skirt 2.jpg
slit skirt 3.jpg
slit skirt 4.jpg
slit skirt 5.jpg

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