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DIY: Polka Dot Jeans

Here's another simple DIY to update any old pair of jeans or shorts!

I found this DIY on Pinterest, you can follow me @ClothesMindedJo

polka dot jeans DIY 1.jpg
polka dot jeans DIY 2.jpg

1. Use the fabric paint and circle stencil and paint on shape of your choice (Make sure to wipe off excess paint before you paint your next shape)

2. Let air dry overnight.

Note: on the instructions on pinterest it stated to go over paint with an iron, I tried and it became quite messy even with heat-set fabric paint. I've done some research and the paint should be set after it is air-dried!

Thanks for reading!

polka dot jeans DIY 3.jpg

End Result

I wish I would have stayed consistent with the polka dot size, but hey, you live and you learn. I can see myself wearing these on the weekends with a pair of converse sneakers and an oversized sweater.

Thanks for reading!

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