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DIY: Glitter Cap-Toe Shoes

Read this DIY in Darling Magazine and thought to try it on my own as I had an old pair of black shoes that were in desperate need of a revival! This DIY couldn't have been any easier and the results are uber cute!

See below for instructions:

glitter cap toe 1.jpg

You will need:

1. Old or inexpensive pair of shoes 

2. Modge Podge (usually comes with brush) 

3. Masking-Tape

4. Glitter of your choice

glitter cap toe 2.jpg

Tape off section you would like to be covered in glitter...

glitter cap toe 3.jpg

Use old catalog pages as scrap paper to pour modge podge on and to also catch excess glitter. Layer a thin, even coat of modge podge on sectioned off section of shoe...

glitter cap toe 4.jpg

Liberally shake glitter on to glue-covered section, make sure to tap away any excess glitter...

glitter cap toe 5.jpg

Tip: Salvage any excess glitter left over and pour back into glitter container...

glitter cap toe 6.jpg

Allow 2-3 hours to air dry (overnight is preferable)...

glitter cap toe 7.jpg

Carefully remove tape and VOILA you have updated an old pair of shoes to have a very Kate Spade-esque vibe!!! 

Tip: I would also try covering your entire heel with glitter instead of a cap-toe effect

glitter cap toe 8.jpg

IN LOVE with this simple DIY!

Thanks for reading!

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