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Guest Blogger: Christa from Novelty

I've had the idea of having guest bloggers featured on my site for quite some time now because I think it'll bring a different dynamic to the blog so here it is, my very first guest blogger, someone I'm honored to call a friend and also a fellow blogger that I truly adore and quite frankly find her blog so useful and I'm sure you'll feel the same, so without stealing anyone's thunder here is my very first guest blogger:

Hi Guys!

Christa here from Novelty the Blog! Jo and I have been friends for a few years now and about 6 months after she began this gorgeous blog, I became inspired to do the same, but with a bit of a twist. I’d always been attracted to fashion and even graduated from FIT, but I found myself more interested in everything. Either way, I’ve recently begun writing a weekly column titled, TLC Tuesdays. This column highlights areas of life where a little added effort goes a long way (think the proper way to hang sweaters and how to clean your makeup brushes) and this column inspired Jo to reach out to me to create a post for CMBJ.

When Jo asked me, I was more than thrilled and honored to do so! Of course, I began brainstorming ideas and had to remind myself that CMBJ and Novelty have different readers and that challenged me to find a topic that is interesting to both groups (trust me lovers, we have quite a bit in common, though).

Now, Jo and I have very different tastes, Jo is more polka dots and bows where I am more leather and studs. Regardless of our individual aesthetics, we still live by most of the same ideals. Mainly, that we need to own everything and we need to own it NOW. Budgets don’t always allow for such mindsets and I can tell you that Jo and I have both fully outgrown our closet space, so maybe it’s time for a bit of new thinking.

I’ve compiled two lists for you guys. One of splurges that will stand the test of time, and one of more affordable items that will satisfy the need right now and won’t be too painful to part with once you’re ready to move on! One of my absolute specialties is that I can seek out quality, “expensive” looking items at stores like Target, H&M, Forever 21, and Ann Taylor-I won’t lie to you, it’s become much easier than it used to be, but hey, a girl has to toot her own horn once in a while!

All that being said-and I know Jo usually keeps it pretty brief over here-I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity to meet you all and to share a little bit of Novelty on Clothes Minded by Jo!



Bang for your Buck (Save)

Worth the Splurge (Spend)


Red Plaid