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"I'm Super Girl and I'm here to save the world!"

I try to think I am super woman.

I can do it all; work full-time, blog, be a great aunt, sister, friend and daughter.

Truth is I can't do it all, especially not alone!

I read this quote recently..."Asking for help does not equal weakness. In fact, it is a strength. No person has ever succeeded in isolation. It takes teamwork to accomplish goals. Asking for help is a sign that you have grown as a person."

It has taken me 26 years to come to terms with this concept and it feels so invigorating to actually count on people and have people count on me. 

I still have the confidence to know I can handle anything that gets thrown my way but I am more than happy to share vulnerabilities and own up to the fact I am not perfect which is something that is extremely hard for a Type A personality, like myself to even admit.

But for today I am Super Woman in my super cool blazer cape!

Thanks so much for reading!

Blazer Cape; BooHoo // Jumpsuit; Simply Be // Shoes; Forever 21 // Belt; Moschino via   Net-a-Porter // Earrings; Forever 21 

Alice in Wonderland

Sweater Vest