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Holy Chic!

Holy Chic, in reference to two things; 1) it was sooo cold yesterday while taking these pics and 2) I'm still not over Beyonce and Jay-Z's Grammy performance last night! I thought it was absolute perfection and I adore their chemistry. Only two words describe them, POWER COUPLE.

Ok, let's talk fashion! As you all can tell I love me a good tulle tutu skirt and I found this gem on Ebay for $10.99, it took a month to get to me but the great price overrides the wait. I also got this sweater on sale at Forever 21 for under $10! I love a good end of season sale.


The key to balancing any full bottom is keeping the proportions right, meaning you have to keep your upper half as slim as possible. I achieved this by tucking my sweater into the skirt giving me a defined waist and balancing out the fullness of the skirt. Also, if you can, adding height always works to balance out fullness on your bottom half.

Thanks for reading!

holy chic 5.jpg
holy chic 2.jpg
holy chic 3.jpg
holy chic 1.jpg
holy chic 7.jpg
holy chic 4.jpg
holy chic 8.jpg

Trying to think of what Beyonce would do (WWBD) to look fierce!!! I wish I could have gotten a sneak peek of her Grammy's performance, I would have had it down!

holy chic 6.jpg
holy chic 9.jpg

Shearling Collar

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