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Heavy Metal

I love getting new ideas on how to mix n match some of my beloved necklaces. When I purchased this Lulu Frost x J Crew necklace, it yearned for some more texture as the focal point of the necklace lies in the triangular cluster of stones. As a whole, the necklace warranted more volume. 

Thus, I mixed it with a plain multi-chain link necklace that complimented the necklace quite nicely. I will be using this multi-chain link necklace more often as a layering piece for other necklaces, it's like my LBD (little black dress) of necklaces!

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royal 2.jpg
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I'm wearing:

Sweater & Skirt; Forever 21

Shoes; Dollhouse

Chain Necklace; Annie Sez

Jeweled Necklace; J Crew

King (Queen) of the Jungle