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Amped Up Camo

Happy Hump Day!

I can totally go to war wearing this camo get-up! Fashion war, that is! Not really sure what a fashion war is but I am sure this is what i would wear!

I love the juxtaposition of distressed camo pants with a more prim and proper pussy bow blouse (yes, that is the proper name for such blouse) and a tailored cream blazer with classic nude pumps.

Tip: not every nude shoe is appropriate for everyone. In order for a nude shoe to serve it's purpose of elongating your legs you must look for the closest shade of nude to your skin color.

Thanks for reading!

dressy camo 1.jpg
dressy camo 2.jpg
dressy camo 3.jpg
dressy camo 4.jpg
dressy camo 5.jpg

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