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Resort Season

In celebration of resort season (hope some of you are getting away from this Polar Vortex hitting the East Coast), I have put together a fashionable go-to checklist to insure you never over-pack again!

When packing for any caribbean vacation, too many times I've stuffed my FULL-SIZE suitcase + 2 carry-ons with things that don't even get to see the daylight or feel the salty sea air. I convince myself more is more when in reality I go back to the same 'ol things time and time again.

Below, you will find a checklist of everything you would need for a 5-day caribbean vacation all promised to fit in one standard size carry-on. Also, I have included how to mix and match the key pieces you should have with you.

Note: every item below is just used as a "placeholder" silhouette, not everyone would love to wear a white dress, use it as a guide and keep your own taste in mind.

Thank me later for the freedom you'll have at the airport and going through customs AND for the many compliments you will receive on all your fashionable yet practical outfits!

Hope you all find it as helpful as I have.

Thanks for reading!

vacation check list.jpg
day time looks.jpg
night time looks .jpg


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