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Winter Florals & Cupcakes

The owner of baked in a cup was gracious enough to let me shoot on-site in her Ramsey, NJ cupcake shop! I couldn't resist 1) taking pictures in such a cozy setting and 2) trying one of their yummy cupcakes. I had the chocolate ganache cupcake, in which I strongly recommend and my best friend had the egg nog cupcake which was equally as scrumptious. 

On to the fashion, this would be a great example of a fashion myth, as generally floral prints are thought of as a spring/summer print but the black ground of these florals totally work for colder months. It's easy to transition this dress for fall/winter with a pair of opaque tights, leather booties and a wool fedora! 

Thanks for reading!

cupcake 1.jpg
cupcake 2.jpg
cupcake 3.jpg
cupcake 4.JPG
cupcake 55.JPG
cupcake 5.JPG
cupcake 6.JPG
cupcake 7.JPG
cupcake 8.JPG
cupcake 9.JPG
cupcake 10.JPG
cupcake 11.JPG
cupcake 12.JPG

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