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Casual Friday

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I unfortunately spent the past two days very ill but still grateful I got to spend some QT with the family.

I ran into Burlington Coat Factory the other day to grab a pair of inexpensive sneakers as I forgot mine at home and really wanted to make it to cycling that night when I ran across these Skechers wedge sneakers. At first sight, I didn't notice the brand just loved the color combo and thought they were nice. I never fell into the whole wedge sneaker trend until I saw these and quite happy I didn't as this adorable pair only set me back a cool $25!

Lesson Learned: never judge a book by it's cover as I thought nothing cute or trendy came out of Burlington Coat Factory.

Thanks for reading!

wedge sneakers 1.jpg
wedge sneakers 2.jpg
wedge sneakers 3.jpg
wedge sneakers 4.jpg
wedge sneakers 5.jpg
wedge sneakers 6.jpg
wedge sneakers 7.jpg
wedge sneakers 8.jpg

Cozy Cape

Merry Christmas!