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What day is it?

It's HUMP DAY!!! Sorry as always I couldn't resist the play on words!

Who says you can't wear white after labor day? That is a complete fashion myth, nowadays, the rules in fashion are there are NO rules. You can wear white after labor day, you don't have to match your shoes to your bag and if you like it you wear it. 

Fashion is so refreshing and so personal and I love seeing how one piece can be so transitional as these white pair of pants. I wore these pants here and they gave off a completely different look than pictured here today.

I cozied up the white pants with a camel (literally) sweater and snakeskin pumps.

What other fashion myths do you totally not follow?

Thanks for reading!

camel sweater .jpg
camel sweater 2.jpg
camel sweater 3.jpg
camel sweater 4.jpg

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