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Parisian Chic

I can't get enough of these adorable J Crew sweaters, this particular version is from last year's collection but it always serves as a conversation piece every time I wear it! I vowed to never mix black and blue...EVER but when I saw this navy and black skirt I quickly got over my aversion with the combo. I also can't get enough of any sort of tutu-esque skirts.

I balance the volume of the skirt with a classic pump which elongates my legs and tuck in the sweater to give my waist a definition. Having the sweater untucked can quickly take one to Frumpsville, this rule can also be applied when wearing any other voluminous bottom such as a wide-leg pant or maxi skirt. 

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blue tutu 1.jpg
blue tutu 2.jpg
blue tutu 3.jpg
blue tutu 4.jpg
blue tutu 5.jpg
 Skirt Close-Up

Skirt Close-Up

blue tutu 6.jpg

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