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Check Mate

I was having a conversation with my best friend yesterday in which we spoke about us as humans being our own worst enemy which kinda is appropriate with this post with the whole me vs. me picture. Sometimes in life we have to make the very personal and difficult decision of who we want to be, do we want to just take a back seat to life or take life by the horns and give it your all? These are personal choices we each have to make whether it is your own demons holding you back or the fear of rejection or failure. You have to decide what would be more of a disappointment, failing or never even trying?

I have decided to take life by the horns and start doing what I love to do which is fashion. I started this blog as a personal outlet and a way to share my tastes and point-of-view with the world. I may not be making a loud noise in the fashion industry (yet) but I have gotten such positive feedbacks from complete strangers and those people have touched my heart more than they will ever know, so thank you to everyone who reads my blog at times when I think only my best friend and sister are my only readers!

This look is something very different for me I usually stay away from the edgy and go more towards the glittery and girly but as I've said before I don't let the clothes define me as the person in the clothes are who define the clothes!

Thanks for reading!

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