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Horsing Around

I've been holding onto this J Crew sweater for quite some time now not knowing how to wear it. I knew I couldn't just throw it on with a pair of jeans and boots and call it an outfit. No, these gracious horses deserved more thought than that so as I was rummaging through my closet one evening trying to aimlessly find something to wear to work, I came across my beloved blue stripe collar shirt!

And the memories begin... 

In college, I went through a huge preppy phase and this shirt pretty much became my uniform along with any type of academic style blazer. Back then I stayed very strict to my style choices only shopping at certain stores that represented the look of the moment and never strayed from what I was into at the time. I thought that my clothes defined me.

As I got older I grew to understand that the clothes you choose to wear don't change what's on the inside. Clothes do not define you, you define YOU. So I stopped giving myself such limitations and really branched out and started experimenting with fashion. 

I know who I am now and no article of clothing can alter that.  Today, I can be a total prepster and tomorrow I'll be dressed in head-to-toe black and sporting my studded leather jacket, you can't take fashion too seriously. To me, fashion is a form of art made to let individuals express their feelings at the moment.

Thanks for reading! 

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