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Leather Skirt

There was a time when you will never, ever, EVER catch me wearing a skirt. Here I am wearing a skirt (with no tights), miracles do happen! I always yearned to wear skirts bare-legged but was too self-conscious of my eczema scars left behind from childhood and my thighs rubbing. I have finally come to terms with my eczema scars and know my thighs will always rub no matter what I do. At some point you have to start living for you and not think about what others are thinking of you.

In this outfit, I'm wearing ALL my favorite colors of the season black, white, khaki green and burgundy. I feel like they all sort of work together and the pop of color on the socks keep the outfit fun and not looking too rock n' roll.  

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 The tag on the bottom of my shoe was intentional ;) 

The tag on the bottom of my shoe was intentional ;) 

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Polka Dot

W is for Wednesday...