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Office Space Makeover

I must admit I had a despicable desk/office area that was pretty much un-inspiring and unsightly. I knew I would be spending a lot of time at my desk so I had to do something to revamp my work space to keep me inspired and wanting to spend time here.  

I gave myself a challenge, which was sticking to a $100 budget so with some creativity (used a lot of things I already had at home and re-worked them into this space) and a few stops at Target, Michael's, Marshall's and Dollar Tree (yes, you read Dollar Tree) I was able to revamp my space for under $100! 

Here is the break down of items bought: 

1. black dry erase board- $12.99  - Target

- for easy jotting down of fleeting  ideas (I can sometimes I have a very short-term memory) 

2. Cork boards (set of 4 tiles)- $7.99 - Target

- came in a set of 4 squares so I was able to mix and match where I wanted to put the cork squares and will also be able to personalize my space by pinning different magazine tears or articles that inspire me

3. Chandelier wall decal- $12.99 - Target

- gives any space an instant chic factor

4. Black/White Curtain- $19.99 - Target

5. Black Picture Frames (total of 5)- $5 ($1 each) - Dollar Tree

- I made high-quality photo copies of an art book to fill the frames

6. Square Mirrors (total of 2)- $2 ($1 each) - Dollar Tree

- gives a small space dimension and makes it look bigger

7. Photo boxes (total of 2)- $4 ($2 each) - Michael's  

- great to stow away any unsightly cords, papers, etc

8. White silk flowers (sand, vase and flowers bought separately)- $12 ($4 each item) - Michael's

9. Pink @ sign- $3 - Marshall's

Total $79.96..... $20.04 UNDER BUDGET

Check out the before and after pictures, below! 

Thanks for reading!  

 BEFORE! Quite messy and unappealing...

BEFORE! Quite messy and unappealing...



after office space.jpg
after desk space.jpg
after desk space 2.jpg
mirrors office space.jpg

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