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Suga Suga...

How'd you get such soft lips?! I discovered Fresh sugar lip treatments after a co-worker raved about a holiday pack Sephora offered last holiday season. As a make-up junkie and lip product fanatic I was quickly intrigued and bought a tube of the Fresh Sugar lip treatment in the berry and immediately became addicted to the buttery texture and the way my lips seemed to soak up every last bit of moisture. The colors they offer are also great and deeply saturated.

I then found a 3-color mini pack and snatched up the  sugar lip polish it is a small tub of a coarse sugar scrub that is gentle on lips but effective. You can use it up to 3x a week but I tend to use it just twice a week and it feels like my lips took a trip to the spa the results are soft, flake-free and kissable lips! I follow the scrub with a generous application of the fresh lip treatment. 

I have had the lip scrub for over 4 months now and have barely made a dent in the product so it is definitely a worthwhile $22.50. 

What are your favorite lip products?

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