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My Old Stomping Grounds

Funny how things come full-circle, 15 years ago I was a little girl just moving to a new town and started a new life within the walls of this elementary school. I've had dreams of being in the fashion industry since I was a little girl, drawing box-y silos of women in clothes I designed and imagining I was a world-wide fashion icon. Ever since I could remember I always had an opinion on what I wanted to wear and how I wanted to wear it so it is no surprise to anyone that I have pursued a career in fashion. I grew up with an undeniable passion for fashion and the fire still hasn't faded!

I had so much fun reminiscing on the grounds of my old elementary school. The play ground I played in every day as a 10 year-old 5th grader, where I swung on the same swings you see below and played dodgeball and hopscotch with friends I still know 'til this day. It's actually quite a humbling experience to go back to one's old stomping grounds and getting hit with flashbacks of the thoughts you had, feelings you shared and memories you made. 

I wouldn't trade my childhood for the world!  

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sitting on steps.jpg
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hopscotch layout.jpg
 I couldn't resist!

I couldn't resist!

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