Floral Sweatshirt

No, this post is not sponsored by J Crew I just have a slight obsession with the brand and slowly my entire wardrobe is being overcome by J Crew errthang!

This sweatshirt really is beautiful and unique and just as I was trying to avoid going into the store to resist temptation I see this hanging gracefully right in front of the store and I stopped dead in my tracks....I just had to have it!

Don't y'all agree that it was so worth it?!

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Sweatshirt; J Crew // Collar Shirt; J Crew // Skirt; J Crew // Shoes; BCBG // Necklace; J Crew

Tuxedo Dress

The only thing I really really wanted from the Altuzarra x Target collection was this dress but of course I came out the store with so much more. I must say the fit is a bit snug (nothing a few lost lbs won't fix) but still quite disappointing. I had to purchase a size 16 when I normally wear a size 12 or 14.

Nonetheless, I squeezed myself into it!

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Dress; Altuzarra x Target // Shoes; Urban Outfitters (old)

Weekend Uniform

Everything old is new again.

Not really because Adidas never really went "out of style." I had these exact pair of Adidas sneakers back in high school and I remember loving them so much and now 10 years later I love them just as much.

As I mentioned on my Instagram this weekend the below outfit is pretty much going to be my weekend uniform from now on.

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Shirt; Target // Jeans; Uniqlo // Sneakers; Uniqlo // Hat; Zara // Earrings; Amazon


As I get older I have learned to invest in key designer pieces that I would get longevity from. Lately, it has been more about quality than quantity and I see myself shifting to that mentality more and more each day.

Normally, I would never even think about spending close to $300 on a belt. I would have said to myself "I could go on a shopping spree at Forever 21 with $300" but in evaluating the usage I would get from this piece and also rearranging my shopping budget a bit I took the plunge and bought this Moschino belt I have been coveting for years and I must admit I've already gotten so much use out of it.

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Jacket; Forever 21 // Dress; H&M // Boots; H&M // Belt; Moschino via Net-a-Porter

Navy Stripes

Happy Friday!

This week has really been the longest week ever and I know I've said that before but work has been beating me up lately, thus making my days drag and weeks seem super long.

Anywho, Thank God for Fashion because getting dressed is seriously one of my purest yet simplest joys. There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and being able to primp and get dressed. I love being a woman, men have it easy in many ways but they don't have fun clothes like us women do!

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Jacket; H&M // Top; ASOS // Skirt; H&M // Shoes; ShoeDazzle