Denim Overalls

Here's another thing I thought I'd never get into...a choker!

I absolutely love the way chokers look on everyone else but unfortunately I have a fat (controversial word, I know) and short neck so they just don't look good on me. They either get lost or literally choke me to death.

But I have found that us neck impaired girls can rock the trend with slight modifications. I opt for the thinner, less embellished chokers that still give me the look of a choker without looking like the choker is draining me of life.

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Tee; Zara // Overalls; Old Navy // Shoes; Urban Outfitters // Choker; Forever 21

Flight Jacket

I must say I was reluctant to purchase a flight/bomber jacket. 

Maybe it's because it brought me back to my Bronx days where I saw all of my guy cousins rocking this style of jacket and me being the girliest girl on the planet I refused to wear anything to be like the boys. But here I am today rocking a bomber heels of course!

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Jacket & Dress; Forever 21+ // Boots; H&M // Necklace; Forever 21

Red Crochet Skirt

Happy Labor Day!

I purchased this skirt from Forever 21+ for my trip to Greece but never ended up wearing it so as I've been taking advantage of all the vacation clothes I didn't get to wear on vacation here is this awesome skirt. Normally, I would never ever gravitate to this skirt but for some reason I had looked at it on several trips to the mall and on one occasion I decided to just pick it up.

I paired it with classic pieces like this black crop top and black single strap sandals to avoid giving off  a "my grandma made this for me and I'm wearing it out of pity" feel.

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend.

Thanks so much for reading!

Top; Zara // Skirt; Forever 21+ // Shoes; Ashley Stewart (wide width) // Necklace; Forever 21