Happy Friday!

I purchased this top months ago from Zara and was automatically drawn to it because of the over-sized bows at the shoulder. I didn’t know how I would wear it and didn’t care and although it worked out in this case that I already had a few items I can pair it with, I am trying to gravitate away from that mentality. I want to be smarter with my purchases and buy for longevity and make sure I can wear whatever I am purchasing with at least 3-5 different items in my closet. Too many times I purchase something that prompts me to just purchase other items because I don’t have anything that I can wear it with.

Pray for me y’all because this is difficult for me! Haha!

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Top; Zara // Pants; Charlotte Russe+ // Shoes; Zara

Paint Splatter

I mean these jeans are really everything, from their design to the fit!

Let me tell you about the fit of these Melissa McCartney x Seven jeans, when I first heard Melissa McCartney was collaborating with Seven to design her own line of clothes I thought "what does she know about fashion?"

Well honey, I stand corrected I may not view her as a fashion icon but her and her team know how to fit a good pair of jeans. At first the jeans actually looked like they wouldn't fit and looked small but as I slipped them on magic just started swirling all around the room and these jeans slid right on with ease and sucked in my muffin top, lifted my butt and best of all NO gap! Seriously these are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. They are a bit pricier than I would spend on a fashion denim but they are worth every penny. I am a McCartney believer and I have already ordered a second pair of her jeans.

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Top; JcPenney // Jeans; Seven x Melissa McCartney // Shoes; Ashley Stewart // Blazer; Target // Bag; Alexander McQueen

Quality vs Quantity

I've missed you all sooooo much but I really needed the time to re-evaluate what I want to do with this blog and whether I want to go forward or stop altogether.

In my two week blogging hiatus I came up with a few conclusions:

1. I love blogging and don't want to stop any time soon. Whether or not I make any money from this blog I truly love sharing and interacting with all of my readers and it has become a creative outlet for me.

2. I got stuck in a very bad habit of just wanting to put anything up on the blog to stay consistent and my quality started suffering, I don't want to share anything I'm not proud of anymore so if ever not post on a consistent basis again you'll know why. If I don't have quality posts I rather not share "official" posts but will continue sharing my day to day outfits or new finds on my social networks (IG; ClothesMindedbyJo / Snapchat; CmbyJo / Pinterest; ClothesMindedJo / Facebook; Clothes Minded by Jo).  

3. I love my readers so much and I appreciate each and every one of you so continue to reach out and talk to me...I love it!

Thanks so much for reading!

Jumpsuit; Eloquii // Wedges; JustFab // Hat; Forever 21 // Necklace; J Crew (old) 

Birthday Weekend

I wore this look yesterday to see The Lion King on Broadway with my mom and sister. I have been dying to see the show for years now and I'm so grateful I was finally able to see it for my birthday! Thanks to my mom and sister for making it happen for me. 

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Jacket; Sears // Sweater; Forever 21 // Jeans; Uniqlo // Boots; Woman Within (wide-calf)  

Happy Birthday to ME!


Today not only marks my 28th Birthday (thank you God for allowing me another year), but it's also the first time I haven't done a special birthday post for the blog and it makes me incredibly sad, but not for long because it;s my birthday and no one can be sad on their birthday!

I am currently in North Carolina spending time with some friends and I couldn't be happier just wish I could kiss my babies (niece and nephew) and my day would really be complete!

Thanks so much for reading!

Hat; Zara // Top; H&M // Jacket; H&M // Skirt; Forever 21+ // Shoes; H&M