Tan & Navy Stripes

Happy Monday!

I've missed y'all! I had an outfit planned to post last friday and completely forgot to schedule it and by the time I noticed I just said "I'll leave it for next week" so here we are. 

I have such a busy week planned ahead and my go to work look has always been a pretty top and pencil skirt, it's just easy and professional and I have an abundance of skirts in my wardrobe that I love to rotate.

Thanks so much for reading!

Top; Forever 21+ // Skirt; H&M // Shoes; H&M

Denim Shirt Dress

Happy Wednesday!  

I have grown a love affair with denim more so lately than ever before but I'm not mad at it.

I work in a semi-casual workplace so I like that I can incorporate denim pieces in with some more work appropriate slacks or skirts to give the outfit a trendier look.

Thanks so much for reading! 


Shirt Dress; Wet Seal+ // Shoes; Charlotte Russe // Hat & Bag; Forever 21

Floral Maxi

I'd never think I'd be into the whole choker trend because quite frankly I barely have a neck and a round face. Usually anything close to my neck is unflattering, but I've made it work with this shoe string type choker necklace. 

I'm also in love with this dress but I seriously mean it! Once I start dancing in the mirror in an article of clothing that's how I know I truly love it and the dance moves were real when I tried this dress on. I love the open back detail and the form-fitting waist. 

Thanks so much for reading!

Dress; Forever 21+ // Sandals; Dolce Vita // Choker; Forever 21