Wedding Season

Every year and every wedding season I try to beat my last wedding ensemble because let's face it I get sad that I'm always a bridesmaids or always single in a wedding (plays violin), so the next best thing is having a fabulous dress!

Although, I have grown so much in my singleness and have truly learned to rejoice in this time of my life, I can't help but to feel elated for the couple but a tiny bit sad and nostalgic for myself as I long for true love like every other person in this universe.

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Dress; Boohoo+ // Shoes; Ashley Stewart // Clutch; Coach


People tend to be shocked when I'm super dressed down or even wearing a baseball cap (insert shocked emoji here), but you can't deny fly-ness and that's the only way this Spike Lee "Fever" cap can be described! The Jungle Fever cap is a re-issued product that was once sold in the old Spike's Joint storefront in 1990-1991. It was released then to promote his film 'Jungle Fever' and re-released now to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary. 

You can get your Fever cap here along with other gear!  

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Cap; Spike's Joint // Denim Jacket; Gap // TShirt; Forever 21 // Skirt; H&M // Shoes; Puma x Rihanna 'Fenty' 

Nautical Pants

I have always been a sucker for nautically-inspired (don't think that's a word) pants and these pants robbed my heart especially because of their skinny fit. I love a classic re-worked.

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Blazer; Target // Blouse; Old Navy // Pants; Forever 21+ // Pumps; Forever 21 // Earrings; Forever 21