Power Player

I work in a very casual but somewhat conservative office and I always seem to cause a fuss when I pull on a bold outfit like a red/orange suit color blocked with royal blue and pointy-toe pumps.

Usually, it's good fuss with women coming up to me and complimenting me on my bold fashion choices but then there are those older women that just don't understand fashion and trends that give me the half eye-roll (yes, I see that, ladies!). Thank goodness I am comfortable in my skin and I sincerely don't care what anyone else thinks as long as I feel great and don't have inappropriate body parts hanging out.

I always strive to dress professionally but with a fun twist.

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Suit; SimplyBe.com // Tank; Express // Pumps; Sophia Webster


I saw this mesh over-lay at Forever 21 on my way to the checkout and knew I not only wanted to wear it as a cover up for my upcoming vacation but I also wanted to throw it on top of what would be a normal outfit to add dimension and pizazz. That's the thing about fashion, one person sees this piece as a swimsuit cover-up and another sees it as a casual day outfit, point is to have fun and not take yourself too seriously.

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Mesh overlay; Forever 21 (wearing size M) // Crop Top & Skirt; H&M // Shoes; Shoemint


Take me back to Paris.

I share this story with all of my family and friends and as you all are my friends I will share this very special story about Paris with you too...

I was given the opportunity to go to Paris my senior year of college 3 years ago and the first night (yes, I went multiple times) I went to the top of the eiffel tower I stood alone and fully took in the most beautiful night view of the most romantic/magical city in the world and I just stood there reveling in my reality that I was in Paris, living a life long dream and I appreciated everything at that very moment. I still remember the smell, the chilly winter air, the sounds, I can close my eyes right now and see Paris again.

It was the quintessential "stop and smell the roses" moment and that night will forever be embedded in my mind. I am so glad I stopped and took that moment in because now I will always have that memory in my heart and Paris will always hold a dear memory in my life.

So with that I hope you all stop what you're doing right now and appreciate your life for what it is at this very instant. Don't think about life's stresses, an ex-boyfriend, money issues, etc. Stop and smell the roses and embed this moment of gratitude and appreciation in your memory for times to come.

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Dress; H&M (old) // Shoes; Simply Be 


So let’s talk about this dress and it’s slimming effects.

First, an exposed shoulder/collar bone always gives one a slimmer look and secondly, the gingham pattern camouflages a lot of tummy imperfections and A-lines, although sometimes unflattering on shorter, curvier girls works great if done right and when you also add some height to it.

So there it goes a full dissection of why this outfit “works.”

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P.S. Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!!

Dress; Simply Be // Shoes; ShoeDazzle // Headband; Forever 21

Long Collar Shirt Dress

So as I was editing these pictures (and when I say editing all I mean is brightening/contrast) I noticed all the cellulite on my legs and my sister asks me "Are you going to photoshop that out?" And I know she meant it in the most loving way possible but I immediately responded "HECK NO!'' I would never ever false advertise myself as I am here to empower ALL women to feel comfortable with themselves be it cellulite, stretch marks, scars, weight etc. 

I have cellulite and of course if i had a magic wand to make them disappear I would but I am also here to say that I'm alright with the fact that I do have cellulite but I still love myself the same. I am beautiful because of the qualities that make me ME and confidence is something that I've struggled with it my entire life but the more I expose here the better I start to feel. 

On to my outfit I can't front as this outfit was 100% inspired by a fellow fashion Blogger Kyrzayda from Kyrzayda.com her looks are fab and she's just so effortless! She pulled off a style like this last summer and I've been dying to replicate since I saw it and when I found this long flannel shirt dress at Forever 21 I knew I could finally do the fit done thick outfit replica and I'm quite pleased at the turn out, thoughts?

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Shirt Dress; Forever 21+ // Shorts; Forever 21+ // Pumps; BCBG // Belt; Moschino via              Net-a-Porter // Sunglasses; Forever 21