I've been looking for a jersey type shirt for a long time now and as always I found it in the last place I looked. I found it at Mandee (a very NJ store) for under $15 and of course I had to buy a short-sleeved version as well!

I dressed it up with one of my oh so trusty pencil skirts and sporty-esque heels.

Thanks so much for reading!

Top; Mandee // Skirt; H&M // Shoes; Forever 21 


The shoes, this post is all about the shoes! 

I kept the dress simple to call attention to these amazing shoes.

Thanks so much for reading!  

Dress; Target // Shoes; Boohoo

Summer Leather

Contrary to popular belief leather is not a faux pas in the summer, as many things, you must have the perfect balance.

I paired my leather skirt with a crop top and an ivory sleeveless blazer taking it from emo-rocker territory to rocker chic.

Happy Friday and thanks for reading! 

Vest; Target // Crop Top; H&M // Skirt; Kirna Zabete x Target // Boots; H&M // Necklace; J Crew

Black & Gold

Sometimes I love wearing a simple yet sophisticated outfit and I love a black and gold combo any day.

I wore a basic ivory top and a cranberry pencil skirt to create a "blank canvas" for my statement necklace and earrings provided by Hugssy which can be found here. I love the quality (for the great price) and impact of the necklace. As you all know how I love statement jewelry, you will be seeing more of this necklace on the blog!

*Necklace provided by Hugssy, however all opinions are my own* 

Thanks so much for reading!


Top; Forever 21+ // Skirt; Forever 21+ // Shoes; Christian Louboutin

Necklace & Earrings set; Hugssy.com c/o


Happy Monday!

Last week felt like it was a million years long, was I the only one that felt that way?

I'm not sure if visors have ever REALLY been "in" but I saw this floral visor at Forever 21 and thought it was just so fun and playful and y'all know I love having fun with my fashion choices so here it is...I am wearing a visor.

Thanks for reading!

Visor; Forever 21 // Shirt; Forever 21 // Skirt; ASOS // Sneakers; Converse 

Eat Your Heart Out

There was a time when I couldn't stand looking at any sort of graphic tee, but lately I can't get enough of them! Maybe because some of these tees have been speaking to my life and my soul! <insert sarcasm>

This one in particular is just so relevant to my current situation. I want a particular ex to eat his heart out!

A couple of nights ago I was laying in bed and I heard a very familiar ring announcing I had received a new text and when I glance at the screen I almost fell off my bed.

I saw "the name" and immediately my heart started racing and my palms got all sweaty. You know the feeling, right?

So, I aggressively swiped my finger across my phone screen and punched in my code to find the most generic text...inviting me to a PUBLIC event.

I will be absolutely candid, every time I get one of those random texts from an ex I internally think I am going to open a prophetic text announcing their love for me and how they have realized I have always been the one.

Dramatic, I know but most girls have to think the same, no?

There was NO reason for him to randomly text me inviting me to said event. I can assume he was texting everyone in his phonebook but I know he has an iphone and I know what group messages look like...I was not on a group message. It was very clearly an individual message which should have been something he could of and should of avoided, so I ask, why do exes know exactly when one is moving on? They seem to manifest from thin air at times! 

It's an age old mystery.

Thanks for reading!

Top; Forever 21 // Skirt; ASOS // Shoes; BCBG // Necklace; J Crew